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Designing harmony

Tongji Architectural Design Group

The Majiabang Culture Museum is located in the southwest district of the Jiaxing Economic and Technological Development Zone, a suburban area. To the southwest of the museum lies a protected Majiabang culture area, where just a few vestiges remain of the Neolithic Majiabang culture dating back 7,000 years. To the north and east of the museum lies the so-called Development Zone: an expanse of grasslands, rice fields, and water networks long left untouched, making the site a luxuriant natural setting. A relatively empty, unrestricted context gives architects a freedom that can, however, be a big challenge: how to build something in such a seemingly disorderly environment?

The open environment induced extension rather than vertical development, creating a set of buildings - most of them just one story, and only a few a little higher. In fact, the highest building stands 18 m...

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