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Villa 4L

Freedom afforded by discipline

Nicola Probst Architetti

Overlooking the lake of the same name, the town of Lugano extends for a few kilometers along the shore; its urban development also penetrates into one of Canton Ticino’s deep valleys. The complex, articulated morphology of the Lugano valley has strongly conditioned how people live there: the oldest, densest settlement is congregated along the lake shore, including the main services and institutions; the more recent part of town, consisting of a regular and relatively compact fabric formed by small buildings of various heights, has expanded over the flat land. On the surrounding heights and in the deep side valleys is a spread-out patchwork of villas and single-family houses, densely dotting steep slopes in an exclusive and privileged place of residence.

Lugano-born architect Nicola Probst has designed a residence...

15.00 €
4.49 €

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