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A fun place for kids

Roland Baldi architects

By Francesco Pagliari -

A nursery school can present itself as a “home”. This was the design assumption that kicked off this whole project. A special, particular house capable of expressing fundamental, common characteristics: to be welcoming, familiar, friendly and recognizable, so that children enjoy an environment that facilitates their experience and time spent in kindergarten, moving towards factors of inclusivity and sociality starting from the architecture, shapes and textures.

Following this underlying principle, this design won the competition launched in 2011 in a well-established South Tyrolean procedure for awarding public commissions. It won by exploring architecture’s ability to pursue the objective of achieving wellbeing in the various meanings of the term, whether it be material, perceptive, psychological. The building specifically renders the quality of proximity perceptible through a kind of simplification, almost a schematization of architectural style to facilitate a soft entrance into the world of school, through a form of architecture that refuses to renounce its own character yet at the same time addresses the goal of increasing pupils’ confidence through the school’s spaces and environments.

This building is one among many in the historic center of Sluderno, a municipality located in an Alpine valley in the province of Bolzano, and it defines its place in the built environment through an immediate outline. Its stylized profile with a two-pitched roof outlines a geometric shape that fits into the built environment without becoming an excessive formal exception; the evident materiality of the crinkly-finish plastered walls along with the equally material presence of limited portions of the façade faced with wooden slats constitute both quality of form and sensitivity. Significantly large window openings - larger than customary...

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