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Assertive modernity

Residential and office complex Bergamo+

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners

Milan is all the rage in Italy today: Milan, the city state, as if it were detached from the rest of the country, with the style of its own: an assertive modernity, whose regular, efficient pace unfolds as a series of well packaged events that often, however, seem oblivious of their own raison d’être. Certainly though, no one can deny that Milan today has a style of its own, a measured but not self-effacing way of presenting itself, a style focused on finding the right tone, which at the end of the day is yet another trait of its slightly dichotomous bourgeois culture. For Milan’s pendulum swings between self-satisfaction and anxiety about being à la page, of being really sure it spearheads modern Europe. If ever Milan has an enemy in the style department, it is kitsch, bad taste exhibited by exaggeration and...

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