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Arcadia Center

Architectural excellence to drive urban development

Giuseppe Tortato Architetti

Milan is a city of countless parts and fragments, a puzzle of multiple centers with a defined and recognizable structure and character. The north-west quadrant of the center, which developed along the axis of Viale Certosa, in line with the Maggiore cemetery and the former Municipality of Musocco, includes a very varied spread of structures and urban fabrics within the space of a few kilometers. North of the Gallaratese district, south of the Cimitero Maggiore and near the Ghisallo overpass, a few blocks straddle Via Gallarate characterized by an irregular and fragmented urban fabric, a mixture of craft workshops, garages, low-rise residential buildings, warehouses, and storage units, reflecting a stratification of different expansion processes over different periods.

Although only marginally affected by the rapid...

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