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Villa B

Monumentality and Intimacy, Solidity and Transparency

Powerhouse Company

Europa | Monaco

In a residential project conceived from scratch, the choice of the location, the neighborhood within the city, how it is publicly represented in the form of its external elevations and the client’s private world all become an expression of the client’s identity, intentions and social status.

The owners of Villa B in Munich chose to settle along the banks of the River Isar that runs through the city, on the edge of the park alongside the river, in a prestigious district of detached villas and white stucco buildings cut off on their lots by fenced-in private gardens. The client expressed an immediate desire to subvert some of the rules of accommodation that govern the relationship with the surrounding backdrop: an absence of walls between the private property and the street, a volume of pure and honest material expression, presenting a monumental image towards the...

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