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Ocho quebradas HOUSE

overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Ryūe Nishizawa

The Ocho Quebradas program to build a series of holiday residences along a spectacular stretch of Chilean coast continues. Chilean and Japanese architects - professionals well acquainted with earthquakes being from countries lying on the Pacific Ocean Ring of Fire - have been enlisted to each build an architectural experiment. Their task: to explore expressive and technical ways of creating architecture that connects with its natural setting. In this particular case, Ryue Nishizawa had to contend with harsh, even extreme, conditions: the overwhelming presence of the ocean, both visually and acoustically. Perched on a small rocky promontory jutting into the sea, the residence designed by the practice succeeds in melding with the rocky terrain. An undulating concrete roof fits effortlessly into the environment, creating distinctive light-filled living spaces beneath, enclosed by...

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