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Metz congrESs Robert Schuman

Embracing Complexity

Wilmotte & Associés

Multiple use is the underlying design concept behind the Metz Congrès Robert Schuman in the north-eastern French city. Not only catering for a wide range of regional, national and international scale meetings and conventions with a series of flexible, different size environments, the complex is also a
trade-show venue and cultural center. This multipurpose center is well placed in a city like Metz whose location on the French border a stone’s throw from Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany makes it ideal as a prime European hub for a wide range of cultural and commercial events - an ambition already clearly announced with the Centre Pompidou-Metz by Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines inaugurated in 2010.

The Metz Congrès Robert Schuman’s ambitious functional program is articulated in a striking architectural project designed to blend with and...

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