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Dushan Leisure Center

DnA_Design and Architecture

DnA_Design and Architecture

The local authorities of Songyang, a county 280 km southwest of Hangzhou, invited Xu Tiantian of DnA_Design and Architecture to explore villages in the county and respond to their needs. The goals were to improve amenities while strengthening their sense of identity, and to draw more visitors to the idyllic landscapes of this region.

Over the past five years, Xu has designed 30 structures, abstracting traditional forms, connecting to context and heritage, and harnessing craft skills. She likens the program to acupuncture - an insertion that radiates energy through the body - and considers it to be a
socio-economic venture as much as architecture. There is an extraordinary range of typologies - from workshops to memorial halls, museums to a covered bridge - using materials as varied as steel and rammed earth, brick and stone...

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