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Private residence “Casa Coral”

A celebration of light and extensive views

Land Arquitectos

Located in a famous tourist resort on the Chilean coast south of the capital Santiago, this holiday home is an exemplar of a built environment celebrating light and unimpeded views over the ocean. As such, it resembles a living organism existing in symbiosis with its natural surroundings and, like a coral reef from which it takes its name, can grow and add to its original geometry.

The four units making up the fan-shaped configuration are connected by the supporting structure on which they rest. Each unit faces west at a slightly different angle. The grade level of the house is an articulated web of timber pillars and diagonal struts forming the foundation plinth on which the four parallelepiped dwelling units rest. This grade-level lattice allows a certain degree of transparency and several unimpeded passageways. Only two volumes link this lower level with the living quarters above: a timber slatted enclosure containing the mechanicals and a laundry room, and a small compact entrance containing a tiny lobby and a rustic wooden staircase leading to the upper story. In keeping with the overall plan of a scalable house, this grade level could also be turned into closed spaces should the need arise.

Positioned on an arc on a north-south axis, the largest and tallest unit contains an ample communal environment containing the kitchen, dining, and living areas. A large west-facing sliding glazed wall offers unimpeded views over the ocean and allows intense light to flood the interiors. Raised above the ground, the volume is ensured unobstructed daylighting not only from the ample glazing but also from the long skylight set into roof above the kitchen section.

The units to the south house the night zone. The master bedroom is located at the end, its adjacent bathroom lit by a roof skylight. Both the west- and south-facing walls are glazed. Like the living unit, the full-height glazing on the west side provides sweeping views of the ocean....

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