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Private residence “Casa Plana”

An essential character blending with the context

Studio MK27

America meridionale | Porto Feliz

The landscape is one of gently rolling hills, open fields, copses and small clear lakes; the location, the hinterland of Brazil’s State of São Paolo. Nestled into a slight rise in the ground, Casa Plana succeeds in almost completely concealing itself amid the luxuriant vegetation while at the same time asserting its individuality. The stark geometrical configuration presupposes careful study of the horizontal orientation of the house - always a major concern of architect Marcio Kogan’s designs and here a key feature of the uncompromising program of this large residential bungalow. The elongated rectangular floor plan extends on a north-south axis. The wholly enclosed segment of the house is divided into two functional blocks by a central corridor: to the west, the night zone where bedrooms are set in sequence - four modular units and a larger master bedroom, each...

15.00 €
4.49 €

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