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Leaving a mark on the landscape

Giovanni Vaccarini

The central Italian region of Abruzzo has a clear-cut geographical layout: the valleys in the Apennine Mountains range to the west slice across the coastal plains perpendicular to the Adriatic Sea. Diffusely populated, with scattered pockets of dense urbanization, the region is characterized by a railway line running along the coast, disappearing at intervals into tunnels, almost as if to recall how modernity tiptoed into this part of Italy. In his Viaggio in Italia (literally “journey to Italy”), Guido Piovene called Abruzzo an “almost insular” region of strong colors whose age-old activities of sheep farming and handicraft had not only molded the character of the people but also instilled an aesthetic sense grounded in the picturesque deriving from the things and events of everyday life. Since Piovene’s day, the region’s industrious...

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