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Immigration administrative center

Immigration administrative center

Floriani e Strozzi Architetti

Europa | Chiasso

Following the changes in Swiss Confederation laws on immigration and political asylum, the Swiss Migration Secretariat, already present in Chiasso, Switzerland’s Italian-speaking canton, found itself in need of larger premises to handle the added administrative burden. The offices had to go from 10 to 100 workstations within a short timeframe - the brief required the new building to be operational in 13 months. It was also specified that the new building would be a temporary structure as the employees were to be transferred to a more permanent facility in 2024. Despite the urgency and temporary nature of the new offices, the building nonetheless had to meet the stringent energy requirements and achieve Minergie certification like any other building in Switzerland. Swiss architects Floriani and Strozzi designed an extremely simple functional volume that while meeting the...

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