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Caldaro Community Library

Emerging in Dialogue with the Context

Walter Angonese | Schiefer Tscholl

Europa | Bolzano

The new library in the little town of Caldaro, near Bolzano in Italy’s Trentino Alto Adige (South Tyrol) Region, tackles the question of public space as the essential expression of a community’s sense of identity and a key element of the urban fabric conducive to mediation and exchange. In-depth study and research by the designers into the particular environment and its inherent values have here produced a program that successfully blends contemporary forms into a traditional urban and natural setting. Sited at the edge of the old town, the building creates an evident link between the dense historic center and its immediate outskirts, a mix of urbanization and the vineyards of this famous wine district. Although a landmark building on account of its highly distinctive geometry, the library nonetheless sits comfortably in its urban setting. Rather than slipping unobserved...

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