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Private residence “Casa di ConFine”

Geometrical Integrity and Crossing Exploration

simone subissati architects

Simone Subissati trained at the Florence School of Architecture. The Faculty still preserves traces of its past as a hub of innovation and experimentation when people like Giovanni Michelucci, Leonardo Savioli and Leonardo Ricci taught there, producing radical avant-garde groups like Archizoom and Superstudio. Even Umberto Eco lectured at the Florence Faculty for a brief period as did, for much longer, the unjustly forgotten Giovanni Klaus Koenig. Simone Subissati sat at the feet of Remo Buti, Gianni Pettena and Roberto Segoni, all tireless proponents of research and artistic commitment. “I started out on my own”, recalls Simone Subissati, “not having an architect father. I started at the bottom, working first in interior design, which earned me an Honorable Mention at the 2015 International Compasso d’Oro Awards”. Ineffably simple, Subissati’s design work shows his predilection for...

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