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IBM Headquarters


Z14 Alessandro Ridolfi Architetto

Europa | Roma

An “urban lantern”. This was the concept that triggered the project. Completely transparent, IBM’s Italian headquarters is an urban landmark, especially at night when the interiors turn it into a huge glowing lantern - a symbol from afar, a lodestar orienting travelers in the dark. The lanterns are in fact three: three huge transparent light-filled objects that arouse the same awe in motorists travelling the Rome-Fiumicino highway that wayfarers felt on the ancient Via Portuense. Although made of three glass units, the new complex has only one entrance ramp leading to the base on which all three rest. The overall impression is of a single, ineffably lightweight dematerialized volume. On entering, the sensation is of a total new kind of space. Even the vistas onto the surrounding urban landscape are like nothing before seen.
The new headquarters meets...

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