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PRIVATE RESIDENCE "The Regimented House”



Located in the Indian state of Kerala, the large private residence known as The Regimented House set itself ambitious objectives: to create an architecture of excellence that was both highly livable and functional to several different requirements. Surrounded by large grounds, the house is immersed in lush vegetation interspersed by grassy lawns. Another detached house, belonging to the client’s brother, stands in the same grounds. Importantly though, the houses are not separated by a compound wall, only by the natural shield provided by the thick vegetation. A simple geometrical parallelepiped, the house is not so much nestled in the landscape as part of it. The program is an amalgam of simplicity and complexity. The voids and perforated façades of the box-like shell attenuate the visual impact, turning the building into a luminous transparent intangible object where...

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