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Guest House “Pátio do Meco”

A comfortable TREASURE

Fábio Ferreira Neves

Aldeia do Meco is a village to the south of the metropolitan area of Lisbon, in Portugal. Its proximity to the beaches of Portugal’s Atlantic Coast led to rapid change, as the predominantly rural village transformed into a seaside holiday destination. In just a few decades, bars and restaurants sprung up on farmhouse terraces and in courtyards; holiday homes with garden and swimming pool mushroomed alongside residents’ existing homes, on what were once fields and vegetable gardens; in high season, signs advertise rooms for rent. The character of this small village may have changed, but it has kept its old morphological structure: where possible, rural living spaces have provided space for new businesses; zoning for holiday homes follows the lay of the fields; and the most dilapidated structures have been abandoned. In one of the most central and densely-populated parts of...

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