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A clear language for complex architectures

Atelier L+ | TJAD

In contemporary Chinese architecture, Li Linxue is one of those architects able not only to deal with the extra-large urban context, but also to handle small building spaces with acute sensitivity. As an academic professor, the scale and range of his work sometimes surpasses that of many big architecture firms. Li Linxue maintains the clarity and integrity of each original concept, meeting the challenges of a complex urban environment with very simple clear language. Eschewing metaphysical interpretations of the architectural concept, he does not impose intricate cultural references or technological logic. On the contrary, his designs, always appropriate to their context, exude a modesty of expression and humility that seem to reflect the architect’s own personality. Li Linxue’s architectural designs are closely related to functionality and practicality. The Civic Center, the Tourist Service Center, the Student Center, and the Training Center, they always reflect the project’s specific functional needs; concern for future occupants and architectural efficiency are key. Generated largely from thermodynamic analyses based on the principle of energy efficiency optimization, form goes beyond the formal language of architecture, which in turn is not just a meaningless object. An early work, the Civic Center in Hangzhou - now the landmark building of Hangzhou CBD - had an important role in Linxue’s architectural career, both in terms of building volume and project significance. 320 meters high, the main building is divided into six pieces for a total construction area of more than 800,000 sq. m. Indeed, its huge architectural scale turns it into a micro city. Yet the glass curtain wall makes the giant volume seem to disappear into the blue sky, reducing the visual pressure on the urban interface. The focal inner space generated by the enclosure also creates a comfortable thermodynamic environment for this giant structure. The design layout of...

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