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Residential prototype “No Footprint House”

A climate MACHINE


The No Footprint House (NFH) was developed by Oliver Schütte and his interdisciplinary office A-01 as a toolbox for sustainable and affordable housing that can be industrially manufactured in a wide range of models to cater for a broad customer segment. The first prototype to be built is located on the west coast of Costa Rica where it has been adapted to the site-specific conditions, as well as the ideas of its client as to the interior organization of spaces, material use and customized furniture. Three different models have been designed for serial production: the NFH-36 measures 36 sq. m to provide space for one bedroom, a bathroom, and a living room with kitchen corner and terrace; the NFH-81 includes the same program with two larger bedrooms that are distributed over a total surface of 81 sq. m; the NFH-108, which is the largest model so far, comes with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large living-dining area with adjacent terraces. Whatever model is chosen, the material of the structure, finishes, furniture and service facilities can be adjusted by the occupant, who can choose from a broad catalog of prefabricated components. All elements and materials are based on a thorough investigation concerning their origin, processing and environmental behavior. Customizable, easy-to-build, economically and environmentally sustainable, the NFH units are designed for a comfortable and responsible lifestyle in the tropical climate of Central America. Building one of the models for a Dutch family of four was an excellent opportunity to optimize the series, test and adapt it to real-life situations. The family chose for the NFH-108 to be built on their land in Ojochal, a small village at the edge of the vast tropical rain forests along the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Their new house was prefabricated in the country’s Central Valley, which is where the largest urban conglomeration of Central America is located. Logistically, it is the ideal place for...

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