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Centro di ricerca “Laboratorium”

a matter of Rhythm

EFA studio di architettura

Europa | Lentigione di Brescello

As an important boiler manufacturer at the cutting edge of research and new technological applications especially in renewable energy and allied sectors, the client found it only natural to engage an architecture practice like EFA (acronym for Esperienze Forme Architettura), also at the cutting edge of architectural research, to design its new research and experimentation center called the Laboratorium. In fact, the company has a history of similar partnerships with forward-thinking firms, its advanced training sector, Domus Technica, being built by the Iotti + Pavarani practice. Founded 55 years ago, the company has maintained close links with the community from which it springs, as was evident in 2017 when the nearby River Enza burst its banks, flooding the industrial district and halting work on the Laboratorium. A manufacturing plant must respond to the operational needs of the...

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