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Prototipo residenziale “No Footprint House”

A climate MACHINE


America centrale | Ojochal

The No Footprint House (NFH) was developed by Oliver Schütte and his interdisciplinary office A-01 as a toolbox for sustainable and affordable housing that can be industrially manufactured in a wide range of models to cater for a broad customer segment. The first prototype to be built is located on the west coast of Costa Rica where it has been adapted to the site-specific conditions, as well as the ideas of its client as to the interior organization of spaces, material use and customized furniture. Three different models have been designed for serial production: the NFH-36 measures 36 sq. m to provide space for one bedroom, a bathroom, and a living room with kitchen corner and terrace; the NFH-81 includes the same program with two larger bedrooms that are distributed over a total surface of 81 sq. m; the NFH-108, which is the largest model so far, comes with two bedrooms, two...

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