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Private Residence “Casa Z”

New Alpine Music

Geza Gri e Zucchi Associati

We are here at Camporosso in Valcanale, a small village with a thousand-year history near Tarvisio, in the far north-east of Italy, hard by the border with Austria. Slovenian, Austrian and Friulan cultural traditions are all in evidence in this charming Alpine village. In more recent years, it has become a tourist destination; in the past, it was a place of pilgrimage, home to the Sanctuary of the Lussari, which was consecrated in the 14th Century. At 810 m above sea level, this small village enjoys a unique geographical feature: it sits on the watershed between the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea. To one side, facing west, the River Fella drains into the Tagliamento; to the other, facing east and quite some distance away, the waters of the Slizza River eventually flow into the Danube. After an upgrade to the Tarvisio-Udine railway in 2010, which now runs through a tunnel beneath the village, and with the construction of the A23 highway, which is also below ground in these parts, Camporosso has returned to the slowness of one of the oldest crossing points through the Julian Alps; once again, it is back off the beaten track, along the old Pontebbana road route. In this small village with a great weight of historical heritage, architects Stefano Gri and Piero Zucchi from Geza Gri e Zucchi Architettura in Udine won the commission to design a holiday home for an attentive and demanding customer, a client who provided a detailed, highly technical list of desiderata, while at the same time dreaming of a welcoming nest in empathy with its surroundings. The design by Gri and Zucchi evolved out of a series of requests to deliver, balanced against the need to reinterpret the template of an Alpine home - a concept that has, in modern times, foregone many of its links to olden day farming and animal pasture - while at the same time compulsorily using local natural materials. Having won many international accolades during their career, drawing on their sure-handed ability to...

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