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Holiday Home “Ephemeral Edge”

Turning constraints into resources

Dean/Wolf Architects

America settentrionale | Austerlitz

The banks of a small artificial pond in a forested hillside with panoramic vistas beyond the trees was the peaceful spot, some three hours from New York, chosen by a couple of city dwellers for their weekend retreat. The cut and fill required to create the large pond had left the location with several unusual, even unsettling features. The swathe of forested hillside carved out to make way for the spring-fed hollow had left a row of tall spindly trees - typical of sun-starved vegetation deep in a forest - standing uncharacteristically at the water’s edge. However, well known for their ingenious ability to turn constraints into architectural opportunities, Dean/Wolf Architects took these anomalous features as the starting point of their design. After several site inspections in close collaboration with the clients, it became clear that these untoward features were in fact...

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