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Dowry Museum Shi Li Hong Zhuang

a Laboratory on Spaces and Materials

Amateur Architecture

After six years of preparation and construction, the Shi Li Hong Zhuang Museum in Ninghai finally opened to the public in 2018. Wang Shu had started the conceptual design right after the completion of the Ningbo Museum, and in the interim other works were built, such as the Fuyang Cultural Complex (THE PLAN 104) and Lin’an History Museum. That might well be the reason why the Shi Li Hong Zhuang Museum is one of his most special works, the continuation and transformation of a style he had begun to experiment with and which has led to a new spatial vocabulary. Wang Shu is one of the very few architects in China to have created his own unique space, form, and use of materials. His practice includes large-scale works such as the Xiangshan Campus of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, and small-scale works like the Five Scattered Houses in Ningbo. The simple distinctive designs of his...

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