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Singh Residence

Vir.Mueller Architects

In the multifaceted experience of vir.mueller architects, a practice founded in New Delhi in 2003 by Christine Mueller and Pankaj Vir Gupta, residential projects provide an opportunity to explore the deeper, more intimate requirements of their future occupants: the need for roots, protection and intimacy that everyone seeks in a home. For vir.mueller, it is also a way for the two founders - the German American Mueller and the Indian Vir Gupta - to find shared architectural tenets on which to develop their joint projects - baseline values that are intrinsically linked to the specific identity of the context. Singh Residence and 288 Residence are their most recent projects. Albeit in different ways, both are significant exemplars of the deep thought that has gone into understanding the real needs of their clients and how these needs can be met by the architect. Singh Residence Lying south-east of New Delhi, the city of Noida is to all intents and purposes an expanding suburb of the capital. Designated building areas earmarked for development are under construction. The Singh Residence occupies a plot on what was once peripheral farmland. vir.mueller’s project for the Singh family of a three-story building occupies practically the whole of the plot, leaving just two thin strips to the northeast and south. It also sets the ground rules for the new neighborhood still under completion. The clients are a numerous family made up of elderly parents, two brothers, their wives and children. The brief was for a home that would accommodate the whole family, with a combination of shared communal spaces and private quarters for each nucleus. The decision to entrust vir.mueller architects with the task came from one of the brothers interested in having a project that reconciled rationality and emotion. Manager of an important IT company, the family’s spokesperson started working closely with the architects. Discussion was less about formal aspects and distribution...

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