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Private residence Villa T

A contemporary architecture jewel in the rural tradition

Marco Castelletti Studio di Architettura

Europa | Valle del Lambro

Designed by Marco Castelletti, Villa T, a contemporary “cottage” gives concrete expression to the dreams and wishes of a young family with two small children. Located in northern Lombardy in a region known as Alta Brianza, the plot lies between new housing to the southeast and the national Lambro Valley Park to the northwest. The villa, an archetypal parallelepiped volume, lies on a north-south axis as if to mark out a boundary between the built world on one side, and the open unspoiled river valley on the other. Accordingly, the façade facing the town is closed while the opposite side of overlooking the countryside is open. The pitched roof in lightweight metal includes a photovoltaic plant in discreet dark glass on both east- and west-facing sides to ensure maximum efficiency. The house is an intelligent amalgam - both architecturally and technologically - of...

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