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Uffici Privati

Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners

America settentrionale | Chicago

There is no such thing as an Italian, or the Italian race. Italians are not an original strain but rather accidents of history that brought together - often violently - many different peoples. Italy saw the arrival of Germanic tribes, Arabs, Swabians, Spaniards and French, to name but a few. Thrown together, this disparate medley was gradually refined into a more or less cohesive entity. This Italian specificity is very evident in our modern architecture. Right from the days of journalist and librettist Arrigo Boito, the impetus of modernity came to Italy from outside. Yet the invasion was immediately followed by the imported product being taken up and reinterpreted. It was the same with Art Nouveau and Jugendstil that morphed into Liberty in Italy, while the approach of Le Corbusier and the Bauhaus were molded into Italian Rationalism. There is one exception, however: Futurism....

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