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Research and Innovation rooted in the territory

Nicola Leonardi: The new Marlit production plant and R&D Lab inaugurated on Marazzi’s industrial site in Sassuolo completed the enlargement and strengthening of the Company following its acquisition by Mohawk Industries. All the production plants have been modernized; there was the Emilceramica acquisition, and showrooms were opened in London, Paris and Warsaw. It has marked a new departure for a Company that has always put R&D at the forefront of its concerns. What are the up-coming challenges awaiting Marazzi? Mauro Vandini: Research into and development of new products, which must always be more beautiful and made with increasingly specialized techniques to meet specific requirements. Processes must be improved so as to allow more time for thinking; we must upgrade our professional skills and know-how at every level: from factory floor to marketing; from sales to logistics. The toughest challenge, I think, will be taking on board the change in business model, which can no longer be just one single model. Today, you can no longer be good at doing just one thing. You have to be able to deliver different models depending on the countries, market segments, and specific demands you are dealing with. This requires people with different skills who are willing to put themselves on the line - not that easy to find. It is no easy task but I think it is necessary and also invigorating because it puts people, their capabilities and potential back centerstage - it is not just a question of machines. It is an opportunity to make the difference as professionals. N.L.: What are the strong points of the synergy between Mohawk and Marazzi? M.V.: The acquisition of Marazzi by Mohawk Industries has allowed us over these last few years to speed up our growth path, backed not only by our new size as a Group but also thanks to our leadership in terms of style, capacity for innovation and Marazzi’s brand positioning in the ceramics industry, which allows Mohawk...

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