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The landscape of an architecture

Geza Gri e Zucchi Associati

In his Viaggio in Italia, Guido Piovene describes the inhabitants of Friuli as living a contradiction that is still a notable feature of this northern Italian region even today: a strong attachment to their roots coupled, however, with a nomadic spirit, an urge to leave and become part of other cultures. This apparent contradiction is probably the offshoot of another typical characteristic of the region’s inhabitants: their down-to-earth pragmatism, a rare quality in Italy, a country more inclined to privilege the abstract principle rather than the facts of a case, only to then subsequently adjust the initial ideas to fit the facts that turn out very differently from the initial intentions. Importantly, Friuli is a peripheral Italian region, suspended as it were, between equidistant neighbors hailing from different cultures: Slav, Venetian and Habsburg. It could almost be...

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