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The Metamorphoses of a City with a View

Europa | Belgrado

As an amalgam of built volumes, every city tells its special story. If the history of architecture reflects the history of man, then a study of Belgrade - coveted and conquered by so many down the ages - is to review a past that has been written, wiped out and rewritten numerous times. Architecture explains, symbolizes and helps us understand. Belgrade is a wounded city, the hub of a hateful war and the object of “targeted destruction” by NATO in 1999. Today, Belgrade is also a city in the making in terms of its architecture, urban planning, and socio-economic development. Yet its new forms seem to aspire to “non-identity”. Large foreign investment - thanks to an infinite series of tax reforms - has provided a dynamism that has allowed the country to considerably reduce its public debt, stabilize the exchange rate and curb unemployment. On the real estate...

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