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Three Examples for a Mindset Change

Laboratorio di Architettura Semerano/Toti Semerano

Located in a former tobacco factory in the countryside of Lecce, in southern Italy, the Laboratorio di Architettura Semerano is a powerhouse of ideas. Standing amid open fields of wheat and sunflowers, this converted industrial building - complete with an orange grove in a central court - is home to a group of young students, professionals and operators from diverse nations but with a single aim: to create quality architecture and, as Semerano puts it, “produce culture at the periphery of the Empire”. Founded in 2005 by Toti Semerano, the Laboratorio is an incubator of ideas, abuzz with a palpable energy like the artists’ workshops of the Renaissance. Toti Semerano is not just an architect. He is a theoretician of architecture, but one who puts theories to the practical test. Research, quality and experimentation are his starting points to tackle a major concern:...

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