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milan as a backdrop

Park Associati

In the 1950s, writer, journalist and artist Leo Longanesi wrote, in typical caustic style: “Milan believes it is Milan. Rome knows it is Rome”. Still today, while complacent arrogant Rome slips further into decline, Milan continues to believe it is Italy’s go-ahead city, a belief that has paid off, especially if we acknowledge that it has become something it was not before: a desirable city to live in. That cities have a soul is beyond doubt, and this soul transpires in its style. Although talking of a city’s style might seem - quite rightly - somewhat vague, it is a concept we nonetheless comprehend. And Milan definitely has its own style, or rather has recently re-discovered it has one. In the 1930s, the Novecento style was stoutly championed by Margherita Sarfatti and Mario Sironi. Then Gio Ponti added a slightly more frivolous touch, an insouciance that...

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