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Belgrade MAPPING

The White City on the Danube looking to the future

The CityPlan returns to Eastern Europe, looking for the first time at a city of the former Yugoslavia: Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. One of Europe's most ancient cities, its name - given to it by Pope John VIII - derives from the Cyrillic Beo Grad, meaning “White City” on account of the white walls of the Kelemegdan Fortress before the invasion of the Slavic tribes. The Balkan peninsula has always been characterized by low population densities, especially when compared to the Italian peninsula a short distance away across the Adriatic. The capital of Serbia, however, is one of the region's most populous areas, with approximately 1,200,000 inhabitants. As usual, we will look at six maps: population density, worker distribution, geographical features, public services, public transport and business density and the presence of natural vegetation in the city. The...

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