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Light that breathes

Behnisch Architekten

Another Behnisch Architekten creation, this time developed in collaboration with SRG Partnership. First off though, as someone who for years has commented and critiqued Stefan Behnisch’s projects - starting with the IBN/Alterra headquarters in Wageningen, Netherlands (1994-1998) - I have to own up to being biased. All the projects of this world famous German practice propose the same perfect recipe that eschews passing fashions in favor of an appropriate spatial language in order to develop a technological, natural-energy-reliant machine. With a combination of rigor and clear aesthetic vision, Behnisch contrasts the powerful and the lightweight, color and matter to deliver an architecture that is music - a fascinating melody of pure harmonies. No mean feat this, of which few are capable. Everything is already there in the initial Behnisch sketch of a circumference of leafy...

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