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The Glassell School of Art

Austere and Noble Simplicity

Steven Holl Architects

America centrale | Houston

Houston is a very large and rich city; from the oil industry and harbor, it developed a major advanced medical center among the many other achievements. But, it owes its cultural distinction in the arts to Mies van der Rohe’s Museum of Fine Arts and one person: Dominique de Menil. Born Schlumberger, of a distinguished North of France Protestant family, she converted to Catholicism when she married Jean de Menil. John, as he renamed himself when he became an American citizen, escaped to Houston from occupied France with Dominique. As a representative of the Schlumberger industrial interests in the western hemisphere in the field of oil production, above all precision instruments, they became among the three most important art collectors in North America. In their large estate, not far from downtown Houston, Dominique invited Renzo Piano, soon after the opening of Centre Pompidou...

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