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Sant’Andrea School complex

Building relationships, reinforcing identity

MoDus Architects

Europa | Bressanone

Though the little villages lining the steep slopes of the Isarco Valley in Italy’s South Tyrol can still boast compact historic centers, like many small centers they too have frayed out to form a series of interconnected communities overlooking the town of Brixen - Bressanone in Italian. The little town of Sant’Andrea is no exception: a characteristic densely packed old town center beyond which lies a medley of private homes and small businesses randomly interspersed by farmland. Revamping the school was an opportunity to give these scattered urban communities a unifying facility, a civic hub open all year round that, together with the church would help consolidate a sense of identity. Hailing from Brixen, architecture practice MoDus have put their deep knowledge of the region and vast public sector experience to good use when transforming the site of the town’s...

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