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House of Three Streams

Layers of History in Dialogue with landscape and Modernity

Malik Architecture

Asia | Tung Fort

Nestled in luxuriant monsoon forest in a mountainous region, this private residence is close enough to Mumbai to be a welcome retreat from the incessant throng of one of India’s largest cities. Standing approximately 830 m above sea level, the house is surrounded by, and looks out onto steep slopes. In fact, the natural topography informs the whole architectural project. Every aspect of the house has been fashioned not only to blend seamlessly and discreetly into its natural setting, but also to adroitly exploit the particular features of landscape and climate. Adherence to context is completed by the use of traditional building materials like local basalt stone, timber, and bricks alongside contemporary metal and concrete. Every section of the house has been oriented to take advantage of the cool prevailing breezes. The cooling effect of two mountain streams has also been...

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