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bring nature back to the city

Carlo Ratti Associati

The dualism between the city and nature - the clash between social constrictions, on the one hand, and primordial freedoms, on the other - is a recurrent theme in Western thought. Life amidst nature has long been loved, hated, yearned for, regretted and idealized. The bucolic idyll, remember, is a poetic genre first invented by the Greek poet Theocritus. Today, with the ceaseless growth of urbanization everywhere on our planet, the individual is becoming an “indoor animal” passing his days in either an office, the home or a car. Little wonder then the increasingly felt need to make nature part of the built environment. Thankfully, more attentive urban planning - and perhaps also new technologies - could make this come about, and we may finally be able to reconcile nature and our build world. But let us start from the beginning. This is not the first time in the history of...

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