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Lilavati Lalbhai Library


RMA Architects

Asia | Ahmedabad

The ability to interpret the spirit of a place, in other words, to express its inherent “intelligence”, is a key yardstick with which to assess a work of architecture. The Lilavati Lalbhai Library designed by Rahul Mehrotra for the campus of the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) in Ahmedabad, India, is an excellent example of an architecture’s ability to do just that. Charged with redesigning the heart of CEPT’s campus, i.e. its library and the open space before it (Shrenikbhai Plaza), Mehrotra decided to align the building on axis with the Faculty of Architecture, the original campus core designed by Balkrishna Doshi in the 1970s. It was clear from the start that the new library would play a central role in campus life, becoming the focal point for the many circulation networks and a symbol of the “CEPT idea” promoted by...

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