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Genoa The Marvelous City

Europa | Genova

“You see in Genoa a city in the act of ruling, seated on rough hillsides, superb in walls and men”. Francesco Petrarca, 1358 Genoa is both a physical and mental experience that grows on you the more you become acquainted with the city. For Genoa is impossible to grasp at first glance. Built on a narrow strip running east/west, hemmed in between the towering Apennines, rugged hills and the sea to the south, it is a city that has long been a major player down through history with an enviable story of intense, game-changing moments. Genoa’s many facets are revealed only after viewing it from many angles. It can appear a small, cramped city crouching between barriers on both sides, obliged to reach out both eastwards and westwards. It is also a multilayered city with centuries of history. Two valleys, the Polcevera and Bisagno, running at right angles from the coast...

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