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Innovation Winking at History

2Portzamparc | Elizabeth De Portzamparc

Europa | Nîmes

The first phase, in 2011, of the international competition for the Musée de la Romanité in Nîmes, southern France, received 103 submissions. The selection process whittled these down to a short list of three projects, with the winner being announced in spring 2012: the architecture practice of Elizabeth de Portzamparc. The subsequent phases saw the definitive project finalized, and the worksite get underway at the end of 2014. The last step, begun in summer 2017, was the installation of the museum collections according to museology concepts promoting “immersion in heritage” and “visitor interaction” in the widest sense. The date scheduled for the grand opening is June 2018. It will bring full circle a long and complex process to realize an architecture whose location and function are laden with significance. The project for a museum...

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