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Maryland Heights Community Recreation Center

A building for everyone


America settentrionale | St. Louis

Maryland Heights is one of the many sprawling suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri - an agglomeration of small houses, each with their small garden, stretching over rolling hills, a community served by standard strip malls, and flanked by a highway running parallel (yet far from) to the banks of the Mississippi. It was in this repetitive setting that the architects of CannonDesign together with the city authorities came up with the design for a Community Recreation Center, a municipal building hosting many activities and services for all. CannonDesign’s baseline approach to new projects is to first get a thorough understanding of the type of building required and the site on which it is to be built. This combines with tireless search for innovative solutions to similar problems. So they were immediately on the same wavelength as the local authorities, which had a very clear idea of...

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