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Ganga Maki Textile Studio

hands in making

Studio Mumbai Architects

Asia | Bhogpur

High in the foothills of the Himalayas, near the city of Dehradun, is the Ganga Maki textile studio. It is named for the sacred Ganges river, which has its source in this region of northern India, and Chiaki Maki, a Japanese designer. She joined forces with Rakesh Singh, a chef turned entrepreneur who had been working with her in Tokyo, to harness the traditional skills of Indian weavers and go to the source for dyes and silk. They called on Bijoy Jain, the architect who heads Studio Mumbai, to design a complex of buildings that would grow from the land and be as natural as the fibers and fabrics that are made there. Jain is an idealist, and something of a romantic, who believes in the spiritual value of handcraftsmanship. He is inspired by the writings of William Morris and John Ruskin, who protested against the soullessness of industrial production in 19th-century Britain. Closer...

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