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An Unexpected Beauty

Milanese Architects Office

Europa | Santa Lucia di Piave

On occasion, provincial Italy reserves unexpected surprises. A complex web of high-density urbanization and large stretches of productive, arable land dotted with apparently random clusters of houses, the provinces are also home to Italy’s myriad small and medium sized businesses whose sometimes unchecked growth has disrupted a countryside molded by nature and age-old farming practices. It is here, however, that examples of architectural excellence are sometimes to be found, the work of contemporary architects who have succeeded in turning their research into a built reality. A native of Italy’s northeast region of Veneto, Erich Milanese, founder of Milanese Architects Office, studied in Venice before specializing in light as a design tool, a skill that is now an integral part of his projects, impacting the way he uses materials. Over his twenty-year career, Milanese...

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