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boston MAPPING

Focus on urban change

Andrea Boschetti

America settentrionale | Boston

This issue of TheCityPlan goes back across the Atlantic to explore Boston, one of the most innovative and dynamic cities in the USA. Boston is also New England’s most populous city, with around 4.8 million inhabitants over its metropolitan area. As usual, our analysis is based on a series of GIS maps. Starting with the population density map, two customary features emerge: high residential density in the central core and lower density of the outlying metropolitan areas. However, the maps also evidence high densities north of the River Charles in the area of Cambridge, home to Harvard University and MIT, and in the adjacent area of Somerville. Likewise, the worker density map shows the usual concentration in the central city neighborhoods but also two distinct worker clusters north of the river, one centered on MIT, the other more to the northwest corresponding to Harvard...

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