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Palace of Justice

Dialoguing with Distinction

Mecanoo Architecten | Ayesa

Europa | Cordova

Like many outlying areas of European cities, the neighborhood of Arroyo del Moro northwest of the historic center of Córdoba, the capital of Andalusia, is a series of anonymous residential blocks. Although devoid of any welcoming public space or significant features like its famous historic center, the quarter nonetheless presents as a compact fabric with a coherent urban identity. It was this quarter that was earmarked for the new law courts of Spain’s Ministry of Justice and the Interior, a deliberate policy decision to relocate an important institution to the periphery as a means of upgrading a whole area. The brief for the invited competition therefore demanded a landmark building but one that would also be an integral part of the existing urban fabric. Accordingly, Mecanoo, winner of the invitation competition, confined the actual building to only one part of the...

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