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Mt. Fuji World Heritage Centre

Reflections Beyond the Image

Shigeru Ban Architects

Asia | Fujinomiya

Winner of a widely subscribed competition called when Mount Fuji became a Unesco World Heritage Site, Shigeru Ban’s project for a heritage center acknowledges the strong symbolic, cultural and sacred significance of one of the world’s most famous peaks. The Mt. Fuji Word Heritage Centre is all about how the complex cultural values implicit in a specific geographical place can be translated into architecture that evokes memory, understanding, research and experience. Devised as a journey of discovery, the center echoes the many facets of meaning evoked by the famous mountain. The architectural program taps the physical phenomenon and the mount’s deep-rooted cultural symbolism to create a fact-finding yet profoundly emotional experience. The complex comprises three elements: two parallelepipeds and an inverted truncated cone that give onto a concourse from which the...

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