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La fantasia è un posto dove ci piove dentro

Fabio Novembre

“Fantasy is a place where the rain comes in”. Taking his cue from a famous verse of Dante, this is how writer Calvino describes imagination and fantasy in his American Lectures: an enclosed place, but open at the top so that the rain can come in. This is a recurrent image in Italian folklore, notably in a children’s nursery rhyme where “a house without a ceiling” can only be found in “Crazy Street”. Only a singer, not an architect, could imagine a “sky in a room”. But why are fantastic, imaginary places the prerogative of other creative disciplines? I always remind myself that the cave was our ancestors’ first place of shelter, a space they took possession of with various forms of personalization. I often imagine a typical day in the life of our primitive relatives, sitting around after a long day’s hunt for food to...

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