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Extension of a Medical Center Casey House

Imposing and Sensitive

Hariri Pontarini Architects

America settentrionale | Toronto

Toronto has come comparatively late to the role of Global City. It is only in the past few decades that this sober Victorian settlement has constructed skyward Downtown and expanded laterally across the flat plains that are interrupted on occasion by ravines burrowing down to the shore of Lake Ontario. The conurbation is simultaneously geometric, or manmade, and natural, as a limitless grid of Descartes or Jefferson or their British colonial descendants animated and given character by surviving pockets of rock and water and plant life. Thanks in part to the recentness of Toronto’s urban growth and real estate boom, more buildings, or fragments of buildings, seem to have survived here, in Canada’s business center, compared to other North American metropolises. In fact, Toronto’s architects have developed impressive sensitivities to the integration of heritage...

15.00 €
4.49 €

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